Top 2 ways to avoid time wasting online and make it efficient

2 ways to avoid time wasting online and make it efficient


2 ways to avoid time wasting online and make it efficient

Many people spend much of their time in front of computer without any specific purpose, watching the screen of the computer/PC instead of efficient work or study. Most of the people addicted to Facebook talking to people they don’t even know them. Many people start watching videos online on YouTube or Reddit when they pay attention to themselves, they see that a lot of hours of time have been passed. Millions of people have the same problem and procrastinate their most important daily tasks and aims of their life. Do you want solutions to these problems? We are going to discuss the strategies and tools to use your time efficiently and not waste it.

Avoid wasting time online with StayFocusd Add-on/Extension:

It is not possible to ignore entirely popular sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Sport events sites and Gaming Sites but it is possible to control your time and the spending of time in these websites. There is a popular Google Chrome browser add-on/extension by the name of StayFocusd that enables you to spend your time wisely and control your time.

StayFocusd add-on/extension is free and downloadable from this link: StayFocusd add-on or extension.

StayFocusd Download Page

After installing StayFocusd add-on/extension there will be a button or icon on the right side of address bar of google chrome browser.

StayFocusd Icon

You can click the StayFocusd add-on/extension icon and you can control how much time do you spend on each website every day.

Open google chrome browser go to the homepage of Facebook >> (, click on the StayFocusd add-on/extension icon, it will open the StayFocusd add-on/extension settings page for Facebook website. If you want to limit access to Facebook, click on Block this entire site red color link or you can click on Advanced options link below the Block this entire site link, it allows you to block specific pages or custom pages of Facebook or any other site you wish to block.

StayFocusd add-on blocking a specific site

After enabling limited access to your listed websites, click on settings link from there you can manage the allowed time per day on the specified websites. If you want to entirely block a website, then set the amount of time to 0, this will also block all other websites not only the specified website that you have been given. In the settings section of StayFocusd add-on/extension you can manage many parts of this add-on/extension.


StayFocusd add-on/extension is not only useful for time wasters, it is also useful for the parents who want their kids to not access and open adult websites. StayFocusd add-on/extension only works on Google chrome browser, but you can find similar add-ons/extensions for other browsers as well.

Avoid wasting time online Time Tracker Add-on/Extension:

Another useful tool that you can use for not wasting time online is a Google Chrome browser add-on/extension by the name of Time Tracker. You can download it from this link Time Tracker Download Link.

Time Tracker Add-on

After installing Time Tracker add-on/extension you can see the amount of time you spend on each specific website. The aim of this add-on/extension is this that after watching or seeing the amount of time you spent on each website you should control yourself and the time you spend on the websites.

Bonus Tips:

If being online is not the problem of time wasting and you waste your time just using your computer/PC, there is a very useful application by the name of Rescue Time. You can go to their website >>; sign up for it. This application tracks all the time that you spend in your computer or PC.

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