The Best Way to Watch YouTube Videos as a Movie Theater (1)

watch youtube videos as a movie theater


The Best Way to Watch YouTube videos as a movie theater

Now it is probable to add movie theater effect during watching YouTube videos. This movie theater effect turns off the lights of the screen, it dims the entire screen but not the video on the time of watching. There is an available browser extension by the name of Turn Off the Lights. This browser extension is available for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

Watch YouTube videos as a movie theater with Turn Off the Lights Browser Extension

To download this browser extension visit >> website. You can download it for your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. It depends on you that which browser you use and download it for.

Image: Turn Off the Lights official website

After downloading and installing Turn Off the Lights in your chosen browser, a lamp icon watch youtube videos as a movie theater-1 will be displayed in the right side of your URL or address bar. Click on the lamp icon, it will dim the entire screen, as a movie theater and place all the lights and focus only on the video that you are watching. Turn Off the Lights browser extension gives you the experience to watch YouTube videos as a movie theater.

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